hi guys... who is good at calculatings nps. Well I used a metronome and rec'ed my self. I play a choromatic. Not even scale. Lets not dis. Musicality. It comes with lots of practise i do them as well... Scaling, improv etc.

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hi guys... who is good at calculatings nps.

If you must know, NPS can be calculated using the number of notes per beat (NPB):

NPS = (NPB*BPM)/60

That said... this is possibly the least important piece of information about anyone's playing you could possibly want.
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yes. the reason i want to know my nps value. for the time being, i want to develop fast fingers and i rec'ed myself playing. ie if its 14 now. like 1 year later if its 10. well thats very bad. and i do really care about my playing. but ifts like 16-18 its very good. but how could i know. wo nps