I have an Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff that was given to me by a friend. He told me it wasn't working right. I plug it in and the led turns on...but no sound! Does anyone know of anyone that could fix my pedal? Maybe someone who could fix and mod the pedal? Any input would be awesome!
Yep...looked inside. None of the components are loose. All of the soldering looks good. I am pressed one of the components has failed in the unit.
probably this helps

one point of the test singal go to ground the black point, and the red go to scematics one at the time in the red circles.

The red is the base transistor and the blue one is the colector transistor.
please do this is a simple thing to do.

not forget, put a 9 v battery in the pedal, lolooolololol

Now you have to tell where you can hear the guitar signal so we can now verify that stage is the breakdown.

please verify first if is no problems on jacks (in Out) or on footwich please verify this conections first a multimeter is a good tool to do this.
litle muff diagram.JPG