I know this will sound stupid and I apologise in advance. But I am trying to learn a song on guitar that is one of my favourite songs of all time and also it's apparently a very easy song to learn. But as much as I'm playing the chords over and over again int he right order and trying to make it sound like the original song it is just not happening.

It's a totally newbie issue I'm sure. I hear the song in my head, I know how it should sound and I know the correct chords, I'm even able to play them quite quickly so I can't understand why when I play them it sounds nothing like the melody in my head.

I'm never sure of how many strokes to play per chord, There are some brilliant youtube tutorials out there but it seems like I'm practicing all day and every day but not improving at all. I've only been playing for about 6 weeks although I have played on and off since I was 15 though not much for the last 10 years.

I'm obsessed with learning this song. It's one of my favourite songs of all time and it's supposed to be really easy to play but I sound like crap, even though I can play the chords in order and everything! It's a rhythm thing I think, but that doesn't make sense because I can hear it perfectly and I know how it's supposed to sound so why doesn't it sound like that when I play it?

Without knowing what the song is, there's not a lot to say. Other than the old standard of slow the parts you are having trouble with right down (use a metronome) and get them sounding right then build it up to speed until you are comfortable playing the part all the way through.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
lol. Really...
you dont need to apologize for that.
I cant seem to be playing mediterrian sundance for instance... For the next 2 years Im planning to do 30 hours rock ex from steve vai and finishing rock dis. From petrucci... and some berklee jazz stuff, notes theory etc. Later I'll try to attempt to play this song.
Well this is me. I lack quality in speed for now, and my rythm sucks. So I cant play it for now.
Maybe you can guide yourself like that. Before attemting to play it, just try easy stuff and do more practise. Good luck
sorry, it's No Woman No Cry. The chords are so simple and everything. I'm constantly getting told how easy it is to learn too! I probably should have mentioned that!
listen to some here i come from baringgton levi, armegedion day willi williams... Relax
as jim hall said, listening is still the best way to learn. Listen more and more get the swing.
And I do recommend you to use the rigth foot beats. My teacher always insisted on this esp. your picking hand, whatever rythm you are on, doesnt matter the foot beat should not be changed. Like metronome. Kind of independence... It helps while strumming.
thanks for the advice. I've found that just lately I can vaguely make out the tune of what it's supposed to sound like. I've got a long way to go but being a bit more 'playful' with the chords seems to help. If I don't get anxious about what it sounds like in real time I just slow the song down in my head so that I'm playing at half speed and keep practicing it like that.

Eventually I hope this will help because as long as I'm getting more accurate I'm sure the real time speed will follow - with practice! My fingers are getting so tattered that my shredded fingertips keep catching on the strings!