We are in a cover band that is starting to add our own original music. We are based in Richmond va. We are female lead vocals, bass, drums, and keyboard. We need a lead guitarist who is comfy sharing the spotlight and can learn our material fast since we have gigs booked for September. If interested and want to hear more, you can email me at pianomanj2003@yahoo.com
Get in line, dude. Every one of us are looking for a lead guitarist here in VA
Too bad, I'm in Norfolk.

Here is my Youtube.
I can play a lot more than the crap I have on my videos.
Let me know if you know any bands in the Hampton Roads area.

I also sing.
My Soundcloud dudes
Recording gear:
Yahama Hs8
Saffire Pro 40
Shure Sm57
Shure Sm7b

Guitar gear :
Ebmm BFR7
Axe fx XL+
Walrus audio Janus
Ibanez Ergodyne
Black Market Custom cab
I do not see a link to email directly...

I am a lead player who may be interested. I am currently in a project looking for a few more members but have the time to pursue other avenues as well.

You can check me out on my bandmix page as I have a few videos up of me playing.