I've been playing since around 2007-2008, but the past 3 years, I've played nothing but acoustic guitar (and a long stint of nothing...bad period of time) and I've recently switched back to electric...to find that my plan to get better by playing acoustic...failed miserably, I seem to have stalled for awhile and have forgotten just about every electric technique I ever learned, though, to be fair, I concentrated on fingerstyle the past few years.

Anyway, I'm not a beginner, I can play, though not NEARLY as well as I should, I've never taken lessons, practiced with a metronome or put much effort into music theory. I'm not even sure where to start at this point, I really don't wanna go completely back to basics as if I never played before, seems like it would set me back too much, but I'm sure there is SOME stuff to learn like that.

Anyway, I'm really looking to get back into metal, specifically more melodic stuff, from melo-death to Steve Vai, I'd really like to concentrate on this stuff, it seems like it would help with my love of classical, folk and video game soundtrack stuff. I love classical music, but traditional classical guitar is a bit beyond me (for now, I would like to go back to fingerstyle, bass + melody at the same time eventually, but the electric guitar is the closest thing I can find to what I like)

I've tried youtube and such, but it's basically just giving me everything ever at once, I'd like to do things one at a time, my biggest problem is trying to stretch myself too thin. I also REALLY need advice on proper practicing techniques with a metronome and what I should do with one (besides play stuff to the beat...)

Things I enjoy regarding an electric guitar are: Melodic Death Metal (and the various alterations that tend to go with it), some doom, some prog, some neoclassical, steve vai-esque people all the way to bluegrass/(good) country playing, dat twang to Touhou music (deal with it). Oh, and of course PRIMUS. I also have a thing for baroque music.

My picking hand is pretty well developed, I'm a rather strict alternate picker, I even gallop while alternate picking. Been trying to get into sweeping and such, but not really because of metal, but more because of people like Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel, though I know it's a very important skill in metal...and I need to work on that, as well.

As far as the physical side goes, I'm all good on proper technique and where I need to improve, if anything, I've spent far too much time working in that area and not enough towards...anything musical. If I ever make it back to school, I plan to take music theory classes, but I REALLY need to step it up.
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keep fumbling around, it'll come back, its like riding a bike...you never forget the basics, you might not remember all the tricks but it'll come to you
Well...when I left it, I wasn't exactly proficient...I'm too reliant on the pentatonic scale and typical old school rock stuff. I want to break out of being horribly generic :/
catch up on that stuff and probably the most useful stuff theory wise i learned is how to make chords and learn the modes, incredibly useful and never ending fun once you learn how to use them