I know learning never ends, so it is not like you reach a point where you know it all, so I guess I want to get to a point where I can do decent backing percussion for some guitar stuff I'm working on.

I'm floundering with my songwriting due to lack of percussive skill. I have no drums. I have a djembe, a drum machine and of course there are drum plug ins or track. But I want my stuff to be original, and I feel like learning to program drum machine or DAW VST/plug in may take longer than just learning to beat the djembe decently. And, too, I kind of just want to know how to play Djembe, since I own the damn thing. And it's something I can practice whenever, whereas to do my drum machine or DAW stuff, I need to get my computer set up in music room and other stuff, and it's just more of a hassle.

I'd like to hear that it's like juggling, you practice a few basic skills for an hour or two, and you'll be decent. But I have no idea?