I have been wondering if I should pick the spider jam amp which has alot of presets but in the end, it has an awful (digital) sound quality, versus the peavey bandit 112 which has no effects but has great distortion, clean, and sound overal, however like i said it has no effects. I am a metal player of bands such as in flames, dream theater, metallica, megadeth, opeth, and bands such as soundgarden and alice in chains
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than what do you guys recommend. I dont have a million dollar budget, plus i need a small amp with headphone jack for my room, i got neighbors and no space for a big one.....
yea, wouldnt i need to connect it something like a amp or computer, i doubt it would work without all of that. Plus I feel like an amp is just a must have imo
well yeah you need a computer to run software sims.

and i know what you mean about an amp being a must. think of it rationally though. if you're just going to use the headphone output, you're better off with something half-decent like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Line-6-POD-2-0-Effect-Pedal-with-fb4-foot-controller-/261260620478?pt=AU_Instrument_Accessories&hash=item3cd458b2be&_uhb=1 over a cheaper practice amp with a shitty headphone tone.

but if you're set on an amp, peavey vypyr 30.