This is my first post here so sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere here. I am interested in possibly purchasing one of the many inexpensive built kits from the internet and was wondering if anyone here had any insight as to which ones were of better quality or not. I am not trying to spend a large amount of money as I am just looking for a project to try my hand on. Thanks
You get what you pay for. I've heard that the Saga kits are bottom of the line. I'm building an amazing Olson and Co. guitar kit ES -175, with flamed maple veneer body, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard. Great kit. Great support. Good luck.
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I bought this kit back in April. It was actually my high school graduation project. Like Guitbuilder said, you get what you pay for. It plays fairly well for $160. The body is made of poplar, and it has a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. I switched out both pickups for some Seymour Duncans, because I assumed the ones included weren't good. One of the volume pots included didn't work properly, but I installed it anyway because I had a deadline, and after two months, it randomly started working one day. (No idea how, don't ask me). Also, the nut at the top of the neck isn't very good either. The high E string kept buzzing out on the first fret when played open. I bought a new nut from Guitar Center last week for about $15. I bought some Amber Stain from Stewmac and stained the entire body.

Despite those issues that are easy to work around, I highly recommend it, it's my baby.

I'd post some pictures of it stained if I knew how to insert them into posts.
I don't know what type of guitar you want to build. A solid body painted Strat or Tele is a different build from an ES-335 or Les Paul. Any kit requires extra costs for educational materials, finishing supplies, upgrades, do overs, tools, etc.
If you want to build a beautiful guitar check out R.M. Olson kits at www.rmolsonguitars.com
His invintory is limited and his stuff goes fast. He might have some ES-345, and Les Paul type kits with amazing veneers left. Tell him Guitbuilder sent you.
If you commit to the build, start with the best kit you find. Build something you will be proud of. Take time to practice new skills before doing them to the kit. Good luck.
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How 'bout those raw kits? Been seeing alot of ads on UG in the sidebars for them. I've been itching to make a Sonic Blue Tele for a while now. Are the necks any good? A good neck usually makes or breaks a guitar. The body I can work with if it's less than par.
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Thanks Guitbuilder. Will absolutely check that out. Does anyone have any feedback on PitBull guitar kits? They have a huge selection and seemingly look decent but I can't find many reviews on them. They actually have a few prs and ibanez styled builds that I was interested in.
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