Very cool man, I really liked the synth techno-y music, especially at the beginning. It really reminded me of the sound track from the movie Drive. (Awesome film BTW if you haven't seen it) However once the Vox came in I felt like it was maybe a bit too much. It was pretty loud in comparison and they were very hard to understand.

Otherwise awesome work! Keep it up, you have a very unique style….now just add a guitar solo!!! haha
As DG_Griffin said, you indeed have your own unique style (I know as I have reviewed some of the other songs you've posted). Sounds very analogish for the lack of a better word Do you use VSTs or vintage Moogs, Vermonas etc? It could work well for a soundtrack. I agree that the vocals are too loud which would be my only critique. Good work!
I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else that the vocals sound a little too loud. That's a crazy sounding effect you're using on the vocals though, it sounds really cool actually. I really liked the fade out and build up around 2:20 it was a nice way to end the song. You definitely have a style of your own but it's not a bad thing. Well done.
if you wouldn't mind I just posted my thread here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1613299
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! The synth sounds are all Korg TR-Rack (all sampled), though some of the synth is going through AdrenaLinn effects. The drums & percussion are all AdrenaLinn.
First of all, SOUNDCLICK!!! That takes me back a few years. I didn't even know it was still around, haha.

Anyway I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. I would have to agree with the vocals being a little too loud but you definitely have a unique style of songwriting. It's pretty hard for me to review a mix for a genre I don't really know anything about so I will leave it there.
I like it! I think you could use some guitar in there, just hitting some accents. It could be mixed a little better, but the song is good!
Hey thanks for the review.

Now You're Here:

Intro built up well and love the retro feel to it, Verse kicks in...Your vocal style isn't my thing to be honest but I can tell it has been well recorded and produced, I may have had it lower in the mix though.imo.
Nice Breakdown there after leading out the song.
Felt it should have been a verse longer was shorter than some of your previous work.

Good Stuff.
Soundtrack, while it's been said, was the first thing that popped into my head too. It's a very ambient piece- it doesn't demand attention, but it does grab it. It's very evocative of that moment in the movie or TV show where you know something deliciously bad is about to happen. You have quite a feel for the darker vibe, which I love. I would say something about giving it a little stronger melodic direction but I get the feel that that's the antithesis of what you were going for. It is a bit short, as has been said, but I didn't think the vocals were overly loud or obtrusive as some have said- I thought they intertwined quite well with the piece. I'm a sucker for effects drenched sounds too- loved it.
I like the song as a whole, the vocal effect is a little too distracting IMO and kind of takes a away from the rest of the song, it kind of drowns the ambience of the song. I really like the end of the song from 2:20, with the echoing voices in the background, overall great job. Thanks ahead of time!

Hi Aaron cheers for your comments on my work

I think I checked out a song or 2 of your s a while ago and the same thing jumped in my head - you vocals remind me of bauhuas for some reason - I thought the song was cool it would b a good one to listen to with headphones after a joint hehe - production's good but as others have said I thought the Vocal delay drowned out some of the background every now and then. Otherwise all good - well done.
not a fan of such thing, especially the about the VOX, that huge reverb. but the music sound very atmospheric, love those type of sounds)
Thanks for the kind words man.

Spacey wee track (seems to be your style ) - very Gary Numan-esque. I would say vocals are maybe a wee bit too present but it's very close to being perfect. Great atmospheric song, the vocal effects and the way you've laid them out in the song really does something.

Cool stuff as always.
As said, this sounds like a scene in a movie where something bad happens - I can already see people with guns running through hallways. I've reviewed some of your songs in the past and you definitely have a certain style. I do feel like the vocals were somewhat loud, but they do fit in very well at the same time, so just turning down the volume of the vocals could fix that. I really like the droning part with the echoing vocals. I do feel like you could've maybe added some sort of climax to the song, now it feels like a short rush of music that quickly goes into the (awesome) ending.

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This is pretty interesting. The mix is nice, although the vocals could come down a little bit, I think. The synth parts are pretty neat and spacy, definitely has an 80s vibe to me, especially after the vocals kicked in. You have something unique on your hands for sure. Good job!



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the lives to come

I get an 80's feel from this! What inspired you to make this? some theme song from the 80's?
The singing effect sounds pretty unique but I think you could try to improve the melody of it to make it stand out more without having to count on the effects doing the job.

The ending sounded like something that could have ended an album so that was cool!

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