My old amp doesn't work anymore and I need an amp to play with my friends, but I'm on a budget for a while so I'm hoping to not spend more than $150 just to mess around with friends before I get another really good amp. I heard buying used amps is the way to go? Any suggestions? What are some good cheap amps? Thanks guys!
I just got a Fender Mustang 1 amp and I'm quite happy with it. It's good enough to use for my band practices and you can find some nice tones if you play around with it and the software that comes with it.
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Peavey Vypyr 30 (if metal/hardrock is your main style)
Fender Mustang II (if cleans and mid-gain is what you play)

New these are $200ish, but used you can get them for $100ish. They have a 12" speaker which helps an amp alot. What ever amp you get, a 12" speaker is going to sound the best
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I was shocked at this thing as it sounds like it has more than 15w. You can find them used for under or around $100. I got mine for $60 They are more than enough for practice and can even be used for small gigs.

Marshall AVT50 A significant jump up from the MG15FX but for only a little more. You may be able to find one of these used for under $150.
Don't get the MG15. Listen to Robbgnarly. Also, you can consider Roland Cubes. Decent amps, I've owned two and liked both.
Vox VTs should be in your price range too. Another modelling amp, best at classic rock tones, OK for cleans, not really that good for metal.
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Don't get a Roland Cube.

I sense butthurt

I have had best experiences with the Peavey. It's a great amp for the price and does good clean and crunch tones, and has pretty good effects. Mustangs and Cubes are good too. But Vypyrs are my favourite.