ive recorded myself singing a clip of titanium on sound cloud heres the link - soundcloud.com/charwilko100/titanium

im just wondering whats good/bad about my singing and what i can do to improve so i thought id ask on here because its the only way i can get a honest opinion on my singing
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Turning off the TV was too much work?

Quit. Quit now. Not because you can't sing, but because you're too lazy to turn off the damn TV when recording something where you want us to judge how you sing.

You sound untrained. You wouldn't sit down at a piano, without a lesson, and ask us to tell you if you could play or not, right? So why are you doing that with your voice?

Nobody can tell you how good you can be from this. But if you can't be bothered to to turn off the damn TV, then you probably can't be bothered to do the work it requires to be a good singer.
i can turn the tv off but im a shy singer and if my tv was off my parents would hear me sing and im afraid and shy of them hearing me. i think its because singings important to me and im afraid of being told that im really rubbish or something
If you're afraid to be told that your rubbish - and lots of people are very self-conscoius about singing, so you're in good company there - then you have to do the work to get good.

You CAN NOT SOUND GOOD if you are afraid of people hearing you. It is almost impossible. Singing well is about projection, owning your voice, being strong and singing through the center of your voice. When you're afraid someone might hear you you can't do any of that and your voice comes out breathy, weak, or inaudible.

But if singing is important to you, then here's what you have to do. You have to walk up to your parents and say:

"Mom, dad, I'd really like to be able to sing. I don't feel like I'm very good right now, but that's okay since I don't really know what I'm doing and I know singing is a skill you have to learn. Can you help me find an affordable teacher so I can do this?"

That might be a scary conversation, or it might not be. But if singing really is important to you, then you have to be willing to do it.

What frustrating thing I see often is people who are so afraid of being bad at singing that they don't put in the work to get good, and then they ask people to tell them if they're any good or not. Of course they're not good! They haven't put in the work!

But we don't take this attitude with anything else. If you didn't know how to swim, I wouldn't throw you in a swimming pool, watch you nearly drown, save you and then say, "Well, I guess you're not cut out to be a swimmer then, huh?" Right? We'd only even THINK about evaluating your talent as a swimmer after we had taught you the basics of how to swim (and probably not even then, yet).

Yet this is exactly what you're asking us to do with your singing. Stop it. Stop now. If singing is important to you - and you say that is it - then treat it like it's important and do it right.
thanks i understand everything your saying i just need to not worry about what other people will say about my voice and sing my best and put more practice in i only seem to sing for like half an hour a day i need to practice more and put a lot more work in if i want to be successfull with my singing
Yeah you really cant worry about what people think of you when you're practicing. Some singing exercises can make you look and sound really silly, even if you have a great voice. You really need to be able to get past that worry about what people think of you if you want to sing well.
The voice is an instrument just like the others. Just because it's attached to you it doesn't mean anything. If you don't know how to sing, that's about it. You take lessons and get better at it. You are not rubbish.

I used to be a shy singer like you. Always sung at whisper volumes. Over time I increased the volume and now I belt power metal and I bet the whole neighborhood can hear me. lol Do the same and take it slowly. Maybe find a place where you can be alone at first.