hey guys im looking for some suggestions on a few modualtin effects, weather it be stomp box or multi effects units, id prefer something that has more than 1 effect as modualtion isnt something i use all the time so i don not want to spend £££££ on individual pedals

i already have a very useful delay pedal in TC electronic hall of fame so that isnt needed, im looking for reverb, phaser, vibrato, phaser etc so if something can cover 2 or 3 of them to a decent level i would be happy to look at it.

any suggestions welcome.

cheers guys
without your specification of a budget, i'm going to recommend a strymon mobius. although it doesn't do reverb, so line 6 m9.

edit: the hall of fame is the reverb. you talking about the flashback?
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yes sorry my mistake, i was looking at the hal of fame whilst thinking about the flashback, i do have the flashback already.

budget i have not decided yet if im honest, it just depends on what can tempt me in.

i have owned a GT-10 before but wasnt overlly impressed with it, plus it offers more than what i want, im already happy with my set up gain/distortion wise
mobius is pretty expensive as far as multi-mod pedals go, but i think it's the best. there's a source audio multi-mod, though that only has two presets. mobius has one hundred. or the eventide modfactor is middle-ground, especially used. not sure about the detail on the presets for that one though.

tc nova modulator isn't that good.
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Mobius and Eventide are the best when it comes to multi-fx that cover only a certain type of effect. Outside of that, I think Line 6 makes the best multi-fx pedals out there.

But it bugs me that you keep calling reverb and delay modulation effects, modulation means that you change the pitch, reverb/echo doesn't fit that. Just thought I'd mention.