Amazing song, but a hard song. One of the hardest solo's I have ever played for sure. Possibly the hardest actually, so don't go too hard on me for the mistakes because there is A LOT of them. I also didn't play it 100% note for note because frankly i prefer not to, but for the most part it's right.
Recorded the cleans and distorted sections separate because my amp only has 1 channel.
I had some serious issues with audio clipping in this recording in particular. That being said I've never mic'd up my microcube before lol. I did the best i could to get rid of what I could during my editing, so let me know what you think of the audio quality. Any constructive criticism etc is always appreciated.


Also I should hopefully be getting up a lot more covers in the future. Right now I'm pretty over all the progressive stuff I've been playing so it doesn't take so much effort to learn and cover a song now.
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First thing is you appear to have the original song panned all the way to the right. I guess this makes hearing you clearer but IMO it sounds odd panned like that.

Clean section was great, nice phrasing. Could do with a bit of crispness in the tone though I think.

The tone as a whole is surprisingly good given the amp, so good job there. What mic did you use?

For the sweeping part, the sweeps were very well done and clean, a couple of small timing issues but as a whole it was very good. Better than my current progress on the solo

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Thanks for the comment man. I use an AKG Perception 120. Definitely agree the tone needs to be more crisp. This wasn't one of my best recordings for audio quality. As for the original being banned yeah you're right. My Sony Vegas is so weird and it always ****s the panning up. I still can't figure it out :s
You're the first one to actually notice though so nice ear :P
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Very solid bro. I agree that I felt the tone could be a little more crisp/sharp sounding on the cleans. I think you're just being hard on yourself with mistakes as this was pretty damn good. I know I do that a lot with my videos and a lot of times people don't notice it. I am nowhere near getting to that level of sweeps yet, only can do a few 3 string sweeps and that's it so I'm very impressed. God I love this solo haha. Keep it up!

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c'mon man...your cover is pretty good...you nailed that sweeps too...your mistakes are not too noticeable, it's pretty solid cover!

agree with the clean tone though....it could be better...

keep it up bro, and keep shreddin'! \m/