Sup guys,

So I'm thinking of taking the plunge and making a full wattage amp head. I've made a lower wattage amp and a bunch of pedals so I'm thinking I might actually try something a little off the beaten road.

The amp kit I'd like to do is this guy (Schematic). Fairly straightforward, and it includes a few mods in the kit that I'll probably try out... however I want an effects loop!

This is an effects loop kit (that I may or may not just source the parts out for myself if I can) that looks fairly straightforward. I'm assuming it's going after the second stage of the V1 in the first diagram. Just want to ask a few questions:

1. Should I use just the .1uF cap from the effects loop, the .001 uF cap from the amp schematic, or both the .001 and .1?
2. I'm going to put in a bypass switch to totally cut out the effects loop in case I hate it. Any special considerations I should take for the switch?
3. Am I missing anything drastic?