Great work! I think you really nailed the Satch feel. I especially liked the intro, the main melody around 0:32 and the tapping at 2:17. The run at 2:54 felt a little weird though; kind of off-tempo? I'm not sure if that was intentional. Overall, sick work! Really liking the guitar too, what model is it? And what amp were you using?

If you get a chance, I'd really appreciate a C4C on the music in my signature. Only one song up right now, but I think you might like it

Thanks, and great job!

EDIT: And where did you get that backing track from?
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I think you're on the trails of Satriani, yep. I really digged the track.
However, your sound is quite thin, you could try to push it a bit, it would give more of a full feel. Some "satchuration" if you know what I mean.

Don't know if it's up your alley or anything, but I'd appreciate if you checked the low quality video I have of my band on Youtube (link in sig)
Gear pics

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