hey guys! just recently found this forum, i am on a couple other guitar related forums as User Name.

just a little background here, i have been playing guitar for about 8 years. the equipment i have includes a schecter c-7 fr that i upgraded with an 81-7 in the bridge to brighten it up a bit, i also have a tempest custom that stays in drop D the majority of the time.

as for what i play through, right now im kind of between amps, i just purchased an evh 5150 412 used on guitar center. i have yet to buy a head to play through it. i was thinking probably a 50 watt 5153.

as for a practice amp i have an orange micro terror on top of 2 orange 1x12 cabs, its a pretty sick little practice setup considering i could most likely do a small gig with it haha.

well, just saying hi guys. glad to be here!