I want to add a jazz pickup to my P-bass, and while I'm at it I figured I'd replace the pots because I'm sure they're junk anyway. The idea is to have a stacked volume for each pickup and a master tone. I don't have too much experience in dealing with pots, so does anyone foresee any problems with this setup? Also, any recommendations on what brand/type pots to get? Thanks.
There should be no problems at all, as long as there is enough room (width-wise) in your bass' control cavity for a pair of stacked pots. Wiring them up is no different than wiring up any pot. You just wire two pots stacked on top of each other instead of wiring up two separate pots. CTS makes a good stacked (concentric) pot that sells for about US$10.00. I know that Warmoth sells them.
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