Families together, estranged
With deranged expressions of frail love
Real to the eye; like a vacuous claim to knowledge
Yet it goes on
Each argument ends
Only at the start of the next
Remaining calm outside to save face
But even a blunt wit would take note
Of the oncoming torrent

You look scared
What have I done, neighbour?
To earn such a stare
Did you expect me to be gone?
Crossing the road, but returning
After reaching the white line
I'm not blind
Not to your games

Your family are not so different
Now go home
Go spill yourself into another argument
I won't listen
But I will always hear
It didn't take long to realise
The safest place was not her arms, but her eyes
Where she can't see you
For her gaze, it blisters;
Grey skin to cinders