Hey, like the title says, I'm tired of finding ways to avoid buying the full version of Mixcraft, so am trying to find something similar, but free.

Thanks for the help
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Free DAWs: Ardour (Linux/Mac only. If on mac it costs a small donation), Linux MultiMedia Studio, KRISTAL Audio Engine, Studio One Free, Audacity (*cringes*)

The only other DAW I know that's cheaper than Mixcraft is REAPER, which is nice but generally suited to a different workflow than Mixcraft. And (contrary to popular belief) it costs ~$60, i.e. not free.
Reaper isn't really free, but honestly it's the best DAW for under a hundred bucks you'll find.
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If you do not use third party VSTs also check Presonus Studio One Free, the paid version the best DAW imo.