Hi Guys. I'm brand spankin new to wanting to record anything, and im not sure where to begin. I have FL Studio 10 on my windows 7 laptop znd garageband on my macbook pro. I have an Apogee Jam (designed for apple) that i was using in garageband but the sound options in garageband were not cutting it and there is noticable latency so ive decided to try FL.

I guess my question is, do i need a new interface to avoid latency? If so, any suggestions? Im considering Komplete Audio 6 (compatible mac and win), since it comes with Guitar Rig Pro 5. It also comes with Cubase (which can replace FL and GB).

Will my mac (my main computer) have enough power to run cubase/garageband without latency? Is it my sound card in the windows and the amount of music i have loaded on my mac that causes latency? i dont want to invest 300 bucks in recording software to find that i still get plenty of latency.

I need some serious guidance lol
Not sure if this will help but in fl studio 10 if you go to audio settings there is a slider called
'buffer length" that adjusts the latency of the response between hitting a button and the program responding... if that makes sense o:
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