Sorry for the stupid questioning just got my guitar and iam learning
Do I put my fingers straight on the strings or at an angel.
Sometimes if i angel them the chord will be better .
It's funny I thought I have big hands but my brothers friend plays guitar
And my hands are the same size.i guess it takes time
For the most part i TRY to keep my fingers straight. There are times when having them at an angle is just plain easier though. I would've thought after 4 years I'd be able to answer this better but i guess not. I'm interested to see what others have to say.
Depends on what you want to do and the instrument...for example if you played classical guitar i would say without a doubt straight at all times but in electric for example you ll need to go back and forth cause there many more things to worry...muting,heavy distortion vibrato etc etc etc....you need to change your hand position according to the situation...just like the thumb behind the neck for example...great for most things but try to do a decent vibrato with the thumb behind the neck......its almost impossible without the thumb over the neck.....

Bottom line depends on the situation....start with fingers straight on the strings its always a good practise and then deviate when needed.Take also into consideration your hand size...not all have freakishly large steve vai fingers for example so the size sometimes leaves you no choice on the matter .