I made this a few weeks back but forgot to post it on here. This song is fun as hell. The intro was a little sloppy, and the last run of the solo is REALLY hard to hit on that guitar because of only having 22 frets and my hand being kinda fat lol but other than that I really enjoyed playing this song. As always, C4C.

Dude I have always loved your videos. Playing wise I really can't critique much, and the lip-sync was hilarious! One thing I gotta praise you for is how much fun it looks like you have while you play guitar. It's awesome! I wish I showed more emotion while I play but it just doesn't seem to come naturally to me. Keep up the good work man!

EDIT: Wow... I totally just realized I posted this on the wrong cover, that review was for your Running With The Devil. You've already critiqued yourself pretty well on this one.,you had some real tight rhythm going on for this song. Felt like the solo could have used a little more work, some parts were a tad bit sloppy, but over all it was definitely a solid solo. Sorry for the mix-up between your posts!

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