Hi, I have a question to ask of you all dropped players. I currently own a 6 string tuned to Drop B (B F# B E G# C#) and all of my bands songs are in that tuning. But I find myself lacking MOAR DROP if you know what I mean. I was wondering, if I could get a 7-string guitar, tune the 6 strings to Drop B and then the 7th fat string to...F# maybe? Does that make any sense theoretically? I want something real heavy I could occasionally drop (excuse the pun) into songs and form some basic chords with.
Any help would be much appreciated.
You need an 8 string, really.
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Why so low? A# is fine.

But really, that tuning you're looking for has been done by a band called Mnemic, although theirs was just 8 string tuning minus the high E so it was F# B E A D G F# B.


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What amp do u play?

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Yea but that's not dropped tuning, its just the standard 8 string tuning without the high E (you got one too many strings in what you said). What Im trying to do is essentially F# B F# B E G# C#, so would that make any sense?
Also, I could just add a low E string to make for basic E-B power chords.
I play a Peavey 5150. The thing is once I have my 6-string guitar tuned to whatever, I can make everything out by ear, but when it comes to perfect-fourths, scales and what not, in other words theory without actually playing the guitar, I have no idea what I'm doing. That's why all the questions.