I've been recording an album for the last year and it's 1 session away from being finished. I'm intending to start gigging the material in a month or two but am unsure on which route to go down setup-wise.

I'm going to be doing all sorts, from heavy 7-string guitars to choppy funk parts on a strat (and everything in between!). I recently acquired a Line 6 Spider III Cab for £40 from a friend, which I think will do the job for now. Question is, which head do I put on top? I'm fairly inexperienced with Valve cabs, having played through a transistor combo for the past decade, but feel like it's finally time to step up my game a little. I'm looking for something versatile, punchy and rich.

I'm also toying with a few other options. Namely, buying a foot control for guitar rig and trying that out. There is also a possibility I could stretch to buying a DV Mark Multiamp or a Fractal Axe II, but obviously these are both a hefty purchase.

Anyway, throw some suggestions at me!