Is lotsa chug chug. Just an intro at the minute.

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I am happy to see I am not the only one that names their tracks in similar fashion.

Dat intro! The clean guitar in the beginning is fantastic, so dissonant yet so melodic.

I like how the distorted guitars follow the same melody, very nice!

Great intro man, i'd like to hear the rest.

Also...if you dont mind, I updated my tab so...*hint hint*
Purple string dampener scrunchy.
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Good start once again. I have one complaint though: the strum duration and the other clean guitar start at jarring points in the intro. It sounds like one of the guitarists is bad and is trying to learn the song still. I also think a warm pad would serve well in the intro, starting from nothing and building up until the distorted guitars come in.

As for ideas on where to go, I could see you taking advantage of that 16th note fill you used to good advantage. Turn it into a new riff and modulate the chords it plays through. Then once you've gotten to a really techy and blast-beaty bit, drop everything down to next to nothing and modulate the chords again to something more uplifting and climax dat shit!