Hi, I recently bought a Squier bullet stratocaster from Fender as my first ever electric guitar.

Problem is I am bad at playing the guitar, I was really bad on the acoustic and even worse on the electric, which is to be expected since I started playing about 5 months ago and didn't really get into it until 2 months ago.

Now on the acoustic I learned to play via learning songs, and by songs I mean stuff ranging from All along the watchtower, Havens door,wish you were here and other folk-ish/rock-ish to stuff like Fur Elise and The entertainer ( an easy version, not the Chet Atkins one, [forbidden link] ).

On my new guitar however I fell like I have a hard time finding songs to practice. In the 2 days of playing this thing I learned a few riffs for it like the one in smoke on the water, cocaine, Sunshine of your love, Don't fear the reaper... etc. But I have a hard time finding a song that I can learn whole and that sounds alright for it's whole length using only this guitar.

Right now my gear consists of the guitar, picks and nothing else. I plugged it directly into my computer and use ASIO and Guitar rig 5 to play and listen to it into my headsets. Thus any effects that I try to use on the amp pretty much end up sounding like a really shitty buzz.

So, knowing my situation, this is my plea for you guitarists of the interwebs:

Do you know any songs that I should try that fit my description ( TL;DR relatively easy and doesn't require any fancy effects ) which you would advise me to try and learn ?

P.S Yes, I know this is not the right way to learn playing a guitar and I should be ashamed of myself/I am wasting a lot of time but I don't really have the patience to learn music and do hand exercises on the neck, If I am not playing my interest goes away very fast/
Go to justinguitar.com and follow the beginner course. Also I suggest getting a copy of Rocksmith for what ever console you have (its only on PS3, Xbox360, and PC). Rocksmith will have you started on full songs by the end of the day and justinguitar.com is a great place for free lessons.
Surely you have songs you can look through on iTunes or something?
Check out new styles, it's best to start from the early rock songs 50s-60s-70s, because there weren't many effects back then
If you want to improve your guitar theory in a way that makes sense get fretboard logic by bill edwards (book), after going through it my playing has improved tenfold because i feel like I understand the guitar now.. have a look at the testimonials/amazon reviews to see, it's a great book and helped me transition from beginner to .. a lot better