Really sorry, I'm sure it must have been asked before, but I can't find an answer here or anywhere else...

Does anyone know of an iPad app that can easily allow you to select a section of a track to repeat? Ideally also to set a gap of a few seconds before repeating?

Even more ideally, to allow speed changes without pitch changes.

Please feel free to beat me up with links to the threads I don't seem to be able find where this is already answered...
Look for Virtual DJ apps. Although, I don't think any of those will allow you to add a gap.

Of course, there is Garage Band for iPad and Mac that will do what you need.
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What i personally use on my iPad is an app called "Anytune".

Now, the app isn't free, but it's not very expensive. (I think it is about 17 dollars or something like that)

Anyways. The anytune app allows you to open songs you have in your music library on your iPad, and from there on add loops for different sections, slow down to as much as 5% of original tempo and speed up to as much as 250% of original tempo.

I really enjoy this application, so i am just going to link a video on it here:


There are functions on how to set that loop with a few seconds gap before repeating aswell, check there videos out on their youtube channel to see how that works.

Other than anytune the only software i can think of is Amazing Slow Downer, which isn't as good as anytune (in my opinion.) You might want to check some videos on that aswell.
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Well that's embarrassing. Yeah, Garage band pretty much does what I want. Hadn't realised you can import from iTunes library...

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