what is the most interesting guitar you have seen in a pawn shop, i know the majority of them are junk but I've seen some cool gems. The coolest was a parts jaguar with a jackson neck looked pretty unique.
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Not a guitar, but I saw an Ampeg bass stack that looked pretty good.
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I bought my RG421 w/ EMG from a pawn shop. Nothing too special, the paint was ridiculously chipped and hardware dulled and what not, but a great functioning guitar. Got it for $100 even.
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I saw a 50 watt Blackstar Series 1 head for £500
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what kills me are the shops that try to sell the cheapest Gibson on the market for $200 over the new price, I just end up laughing my a** off and walk out.
I have never found anything worth anything at local pawn shops. The internet and reality shows have pretty much assured that every item in every pawn shop is priced about 1% less than local retail shops. It is a sad time indeed.
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I bought a nice Ibanez RG27SP from the local cash converters for **** all. You have to choose your attendant carefully. When I make offers for guitars and equipment I usually approach the 50 year old lady behind the counter cos generally that demographic knows jack shit about axes. I got my Ibanez for $225 when it was tagged over $350. Theres deals to be had but they can be few and far between...
I find pawn shops in my area way overprice their gear. I think it's because they all have internet and they look up the prices on ebay. $350 for a MIM strat is not a good deal.

And when it's not overpriced, most of the gear is beginner gear. Amps especially, I never find good tube amps at pawn shops, it's always some Behringer solid state combo.

That does remind me, I haven't done the pawn shop circuit in a while.