tough one. you have a big enough budget to get a decent guitar. i confess that i'm not really a big fan of that genre of music. for 800 you can get a good electric acoustic with an amp.
your really going to have to go to some music shops with a knowledgeable friend and try some out. at your stage of playing, i think comfort is what you need to focus on. there are a lot of different bodystyles to choose from. Hank's dread may not be comfortable for you( i can't play a dread for very long) you may like the smaller bodied guitars. there really are too many variables. i would honestly suggest picking up a Yamaha FG700 guitar to start out on and then if you stick with playing, upgrade for a better one. that yamaha is a great guitar to start out on.
once you fall in love with playing(which undoubtably you will), then you can start thinking about getting Martins,Taylors and Gibsons.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
there are many guitars in the $200 to $800 range that are really quite good. are you going to be taking lessons? if so, your instructor might be able to help you choose a guitar.

i'd get a guitar for less to start - the FG700 that stepchildusmc suggests is a nice quality solid top guitar. or for about double that - and half the martin - you could get an all solid recording king or a well balanced seagull original S6. the S6 can be tried in almost any guitar center, and goes on sale for every holiday. a very nice sounding guitar.

here's an all solid wood recording king dread for almost half the price of the martin
and they are nice sounding guitars.

btw, the look of the back of that martin is basically a sticker. martin's HPL is shreds of wood glued together and pressed, so the outsides of the guitars need something to protect the HPL and make it look more like actual wood.
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