Hello UG! I'm in need of a little advice because I am leaving tomorrow for New York City. The reason being that a good friend of mine has offered me an opportunity to produce a song or two with him in a rather nice studio in Harlem. I want his record label to take notice of me, but I could use a little more guidance as to what would please a record label.

I have a lot of music training under my belt. I've taken a half dozen years worth of suzuki piano, i've taken violin, trombone, and guitar lessons, and I've played in countless bands and sang in countless a capella choirs. With this training in mind, I could go and show the record label my technical skills as well as my bourgeois taste in music. HOWEVER, record labels are after money and so I need to record some money-making sounds. Any suggestions? there are no limits here, only potential.
Do you have demos of the tracks you're going to produce? Post them here.
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HOWEVER, record labels are after money and so I need to record some money-making sounds. Any suggestions? there are no limits here, only potential.

That's right, have a look at the artists already on this label, and try to create something that would fit in with those kinds of artists, if the label leans towards a certain genre.
Do they sign metal do they sign rock do they sign folk, pop, traditional, blues and so on... Do a little bit of research on the label and have a look/listen to what they have signed already. The most you can do is write what you write and send it to a label that signs your style of music, if you write something thats kinda catchy or sounds really good because its full of emotion and reflects it very strongly then they'll probably ask for more before signing you, they might sponsor you for a couple of gigs to see what kind of buisness you bring in before they seriously think about signing you
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I agree with Xpl0r and do some research on the label. Also, I feel its really important to portray yourself as a professional to them, so they look at you and know that you are serious and not just going for a fun trip
Good luck!
What do you mean by "producing" music?
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What do you mean by "producing" music?

It's a good question, here's an email I had from a prospective producer recently that would represent one approach:

Quote by An anonymous producer
This proposal is about the best I could get it to if we want to achieve a super high quality recording. It would involve me being there every step of the way and overseeing the entire project from beginning to end. When i produce something i get very passionate and excited about it and want the best results for everyone.

I have worked with both [THE ENGINEER] and [THE MIXER] on many projects and we have a really great work dynamic.

The production fee quoted would include my travel costs to get to [YOUR CITY] for pre production and spend the days rehearsing with you guys- tightening up the band as much as possible and tweaking parts. Ideally, this would happen over a 2-4 week period.

Meaning, I could do one day of pre production with you guys - leave you to rehearse for a week or 2. Come back and do another to capitalize on improvements and rehearsal time. Obviously, the tighter the band is in the rehearsal room, the better result we will get in the studio.

I can pull favours from a few talented session guys if you want any extra parts.

The rundown is:

• Pre-production w/ [PRODUCER]

Assistance on overall songwriting, arranging, lyrical development, individual musicianship, rehearsal, band development, overall sound critique –includes 1 on 1 time with each member)

- 3 x 8 hour days (these days may be split up into different weeks in order to maximize on more rehearsal time and build more ideas and writing time for the band to expand the songs’ potential.

- [THE PRODUCER] will be present overseeing the entire project from start to finish assisting with every part played, recorded, mixed and mastered to achieve the absolute best result for the band to achieve a quality and professional recording.

As you can see, this is a pretty hands on approach. On the other end of the spectrum, even comments from the mixer going "do another take, emphasise this word etc" can be producing, simply to get the best recording.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.