okay so I'm in the process of building my homemade pedalboard and I love the idea of LEDs underneath. So I came up with an epic idea to somehow use a footswitch button (I have no clue what it is called) type switch (in a small housing) mounted to my pedalboard for easy access. I just have a couple questions.
1: Is it possible to wire a footswitch button just as an on/off for a light
(I was thinking of taking the + wire from the wall through the switch then to the light. then - from the wall straight to the light)
2: if so where can I get a footswitch?

ps. I'm like 14 but I kind of know about wiring and stuff, just not footswitches
I have footswitchable LED-lights under my pedalboard. I will send you the pictures and the (fairly simple) schematic once I get home.
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