Alright guys, after having my questions answered, I figured now is a good a time as ever to get a start on my guitar build, called "Warmonger'. Once you see the template you might see why, lol. This guitar will be very similar to a Dean ML, a mahogany body with flamed maple top and a maple neck. The headstock finish will just be a solid black, very similar to dean headstocks, and the body will have a Tran Brazillia Burst finish. I'm not too sure what the fastest finish would be for the neck, but that will come later. It will have a 12" radius neck with jumbo frets and square inlays. I guess that about covers everything, so yeah.

If you can't tell, its a semi custom Warlock/ML combination, it doesn't look too bad if you ask me. I might make the bottom spines different sizes, but i'm not sure. Still trying to figure out what kind of bridge i'm going to put on it, but it will probably be a chrome Kahler 2325 bridge, my favorite :p
I've got my mahogany ordered, but I need some flamed maple. For the top, I mean. I need about 18"X28" total just to be safe, but I don't know where I would get any that big. I've looked into buying a board, or something like that, but I can't find 10"/9"X60", much less X56". How safe do you think I would be buying 2 different pieces of maple for the top? Also I want a maple neck, do I want any special kind of maple, like flamed or birdseye, or would just plain maple be fine for the neck?
plain maple would be fine, you might want to shift your neck pocket to the right a tad, it looks a bit off center to me. Unless thats what you we're going for, in which case, carry on!
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You're right lol, I'll do that when I get the chance. But in my downtime I found a piece that is big enough for half the instrument, so i'll just bookmatch it.
The wood is 7.25" wide, and the bandsaw I have access to is 10" tall. (It is at the woodshop at the local middle school) It's an old saw, but they work perfect, and they have just about everything there I'll need. If not I'll just do it with a handsaw or something, then plane it. It doesn't need to be super thick, does it?