Hi ! I got an awesome idea yesterday.. I want to creat my own personalised picks numerically, print them on PVC and use a "slam pick master"

But the problem is that i don't know how to make it on computer..
Do you guys know a cpu software that can make the job to make myself picks of my favorite bands ?

I know that's a bit tricky but i just want some suggestions..

thank you !

(Sorry if my english is not good thats my second language..)
I think your major problem here might be the actual printing, unless you've got that sorted out.

You could easily do this in various software of the Adobe Master Collection, Photoshop and Illustrator being my first thoughts. Both have their merits.

If you do not have access to graphical software, however, and still need to purchase that, I think you might be better off just getting picks made by a company.
One way would be to engrave them by hand. Then paint it and sand off the excess leaving behind the paint inside the engraving.
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Quote by renfire
But the problem is that i don't know how to make it on computer..
Do you guys know a cpu software that can make the job to make myself picks of my favorite bands ?

K0nijn is pretty much right, i think your bigger problem will be printing. even software like microsoft word can effectively resize images and print them out, not a problem.

if you want to synthesize your own images then you will need something like photoshop, gimp, some kinda CAD software, etc. depending on what you want to make.
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if i was gonna do it id take thin-ish pvc tube (i like THICK jazz picks) and straighten it out using a clamp and some beefy pliers, cut it out with a razor blade/small saw, and to engrave a drummel tool maybe and a razor blade to clean it up then sand it, no computers, just basic tools is how I'd go
I got a place in my city that can print many materials. like i said the only problem is to make them graphically, I think Adobe Master Collection could help me.If i can't make that with the computer i'll try it like terrappinturtle said. I really want to make my own cool picks i think that would be very great. I'll work on that and i'll send some pictures soon. Thank you guys
this website should help. but youd need to draw up your design on some photoediting software like photoshop.

this is the ink that may work for picks.


this is the stamp s you can use with the ink to print on the pick.


you can buy some ultex or celulos material on ebay for the actual pick.
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