I just got a new guitar from my brother in-law who is kind of a guitar enthusiast but he didn't know a whole lot about the one that he just sold to me. I was just wondering about the quality of the guitar. It's a Takamine GS-33os. If anyone could let me know how "nice" of a guitar it is, I'd appreciate it.
it's not a bad guitar, but not great, either. it's close to entry level - a lot of people would consider it entry level. it has a solid top, laminate back and sides. tak tends to have good build quality, but the bottom line is whether you like how it sounds.
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Hey its a middle of the road Taki, that has a Cedar top and Nato back and sides. I'm sure it will serve you well. Just be careful of the Cedar top they are easy to scratch with either a pic or long nails. Cheers