I just got a vypyr 75 and it came with ReValver and reaper. I figured out how to record with reaper but it sounded terrible and I don't even remember how I got that far. ReValver I couldn't use at all cause it asking for a serial number and I don't think I have one. Can some one please help me out? I tried searching the forums but I didn't find anything useful. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure it only comes with demos of REAPER and ReValver. Also considering you can't get the direct sound out of the vypyr, giving you ReValver is a useless gimmick anyway.

To record it you want to plug it in via usb, and set it as the input device in REAPER's audio settings. Then create a new track, click the little red circle on the track to arm it for recording, and then click the big record button.
I think that's what I did do. I got a recording but it sounded far away and crackley.