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He is on a 7 string in this video, what tuning could he be using then on a 7 string?
I use drop C on my six string, could it be playable on my guitar?
It depends. 7 strings are typically tuned to B. You might be able to do it on a 6 if you tuned to B standard, but you wouldn't have the same range as a 7. The intervals going up the strings are different on a 7 too. The first string on a 6 would be B, when it's an E on a 7. And the 2nd string would be an F# and not a B.

B E A D G B E for a 7

B E A D F# B For a 6

The reason this happens is because of the interval between the 2nd and 3rd string is tuned for an E-shaped open B chord with a 6, which is a major 3rd. To allow this without a change in fingering, the string that should be a G is tuned down a half step to conform the intervals into a way that's typical for 6 strings.

So the short answer is, it depends.
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^ yup. Technically, it's only a 5 semitone difference in range, but depending on the song, you might have to change the fingering or won't be able to play certain full chords.
Also you're ****ed if they play a note higher then the 19th fret on the high E, 17th if you have a 22 fret neck. I tried to learn Lie by Dream Theatre but that ended up being a problem.

Also I would tune to B E A D G B. Just make it like you're missing the high E, and the **** the regular 6 string intervals.
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