A cousin of mine recently started playing guitar, and I've been trying to help him learn some stuff. He's really into stuff like Slipknot and similar stuff. As I'm not much of a fan, I don't really know any songs by them or bands similar, and was hoping that someone could tell me a song up that alley that's relatively easy to learn on guitar. Just like any section that sounds good and doesn't pose much of a challenge to learn.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I don't want him to lose interest in the guitar just because he's not interested in the things I'm teaching him. Also, any general advice on teaching someone guitar would be nice. I've mainly just been teaching him some basic classic rock riffs, and teaching him how to read tabs. The main thing he seems to be having some trouble with currently is memorizing the frets, so if anyone has any helpful tips on that, it would be nice, although I just assume it's something that he will get used to on his own after time.
one of their last singles was pretty easy song to play. i can't remember the name of it though.
Alright, next time he's over I'll ask if he likes Metallica... at least I know some stuff by them... and the intro of Enter Sandman is pretty easy.