Hello everyone! I have owned this guitar for around 6 years, after my uncle gave it to me a while back. As he recieved the guitar as a gift and has never really played guitar, he doesn't know much about the guitar itself, let alone how to even use it.

He first told me that he thought this guitar was a Maccafferi, but after having members over at djangobooks.com confirming it was not a Selmer nor Maccafferi guitar, I've been really baffled as to what brand/model it is.

I understand that the guitar itself is unusual, seeing as it has an oval shaped hole, yet it has an extended fret-board (mostly only seen in D shaped gypsy jazz guitars). I have been told it could be a very early Michael Dunn guitar.

Below are some images of the guitar itself, I can provide even more if needed. I hope we can eventually identify the model or at least brand of this guitar!

Here is a link to an album of photos (of the guitar itself), hosted on Imgur



- Dan.
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Certainly looks like a Maciaffieri.... Is there not a label inside the soundhole?

These are considered the standard for "Gypsy jazz" playing... Preferred by Django himself.
I was told on another forum:
"No, it is surely not a Selmer nor a Maccaferri. The rosette is not Selmer, neither is the tailpiece. A Selmer would have the Selmer logo branded into the headstock. And all Macs were d-holes. The oval hole design came about after Maccaferri left the company. I can't see enough of the rest of the guitar to say more.

There are others here who might recognise what kind of guitar it is. Frater, for example, has an amazing eye for guitars. But I can tell you that your guitar isn't a Selmer." - Michael Bauer

I also had a look on the inside of the sound-hole with my iPhone, I enabled its flash and recorded a video allowing me to have a look on the inside of the guitar... However, there was no label in the sound-hole whatsoever. Just dust.