I have a little under bow in the neck and this is the first time i have tried to adjust the neck - I understand its right to tight and this is what i need just a little . well my question is with the guitar up and me facing the back of the guitar - the non string side is this the side for me to turn it right . there are a few videos on u tube and they say they need to tighten it by turning it right but then you see then turning it left so it can get confusing .
When you tighten the truss rod it bows the neck backwards and increases the tension on the strings. The truss rod counters the string tension, which wants to bow the neck forward.

If you tighten the truss rod then the string height on the fretboard will decrease. Conversely if you loosen the rod the string height will rise. You don't use the truss rod to adjust string height. But sometimes when battling fret buzz and ending up with a too high string height, it can be remedied by proper truss rod adjustment.