Not sure if i am posting this in the right spot. But anyway, i'm planning on doing the bias mod to my 6505+. There is a lot of information on it on the internet, enough that i'm pretty sure i will be fine to do it. But i have read a few warnings with the screen resistors, I'm not sure what the problem is but it seems like you are supposed to change them if you do the bias mod? Is this true? I don't want to risk hurting the amp... And is there anything else i should be worried about doing this mod besides making sure i drain the capacitors and don't kill myself? I know not to use the bias test points on the amp. I will get a bias probe.
Also if i only end up biasing around 30ma should i even worry about checking plate dissipation? (i think it was plate dissipation, i might be using the wrong term)
When i do the mod (if i do, i haven't decided i will for sure) i will do a before and after comparison. Seems to me that every time i read "i will post some clips of this" i can't find any clips, and the threat was years old. empty promises? hah. As long as i do the mod i will post clips of before and after.
It's off topic, but i have a comparison of my amp at low volume, post 3, post 5, and post 10 volume, all balanced out to the same volume in the computer to see what the difference is without the high volume difference distracting me. Would anybody be interested in hearing this?