So I can't decide on what guitar I should buy.. Since there are some things that can't make me choose.
My target is a guitar equipped with a floyd rose/ double locking tremolo and I'm planning to change the pickups.
All of the guitars are made of basswood. Except the Samick with Alder body. All of these guitars are bolted-on neck joint type.
Here is the list of the guitars:
Cort X-11 (2012 NAMM best overall guitar) / X-6 Viper (Snake skin look)
Dean Custom C350
Samick Greg Bennett Interceptor 2 = IC30

So here is my problem..

LTD MH-50: No Coil split, H-H PU's , at the neck joint it has a square type heel to it's really hard to reach the high frets, 2pc maple neck, glossy black finish, Floyd Rose SPECIAL

Cort X-11: Coil Split = Yes, H-S-H PU's, the humbuckers are duncan designed (cheap version of seymour duncans), the neck joint has a rounded like heel similar to Ibanez necks makes it easier to reach high frets, 3pc canadian hard maple neck, flamed maple top with finish (check the link) Cort Licensed Double Locking II/2

Cort X-6 Viper: little difference between the X-11 but this.. 5pc hard maple neck (stripe reinforcement) and it has the stock PU of Cort. And the cool snake skin design.. Cort Licensed Double Locking III/3 Trem

Dean Custom C350: Coil Split = Yes, H-H PU's, Dean stock pickups, square like heel like the mh-50, 2pc maple neck, Out of all the guitars being compared this one has a thick binding on the headstock, flamed maple top with finish , Floyd Rose SPECIAL

Samick Greg Bennett IC30: Coil Split = NO, H-H PU's, Duncan Designed pickups, square like heel, 2pc maple neck, quilted maple top with finish, Floyd Rose Licensed China/Korea I think..

Why no Ibanez models? Where I'm from.. The Philippines. Ibanez guitars are the most common guitars you'll see everywhere you play. LTD, Cort, Samick and Dean are the ones you don't usually see. Its not like I hate Ibanez. I like their guitars and their zps tremolo. But way too common (the common models are the low-end, mid-end ones) from where I'm from.. But feel free to suggest some models from Ibanez.. Please help me from my hard decision.. Effects: Korg AX1500G No amp. I use my Behringher HPX2000 headphones for the output. Also.. I have no plan on using the single coil pickup in the middle on the Cort models. Since I'm gonna use it for metal.. But add some comments on how it will be useful for me. Thanks.
Ironically, if you're only willing to buy new and you want a Floyd, the only guitar anywhere near your budget that has a Floyd that doesn't suck is an S series Ibanez.
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If you are going to change the pickups anyway, you might as well just install coil splits when you swap out the pickups.
Man, with that kind of budget I would ONLY buy used.

Forget about coil splits. You can always add that later, and if you're swapping out pickups, just make sure you get four-wire pickups and you can wire that stuff up when you want to.

Your number one priority should be playability; I think that big blocky bolt-on neck heels are a pain in the butt. If you can get 24 frets do it (even if you never use anything but 22 of them, it forces those 22 out where you can more easily get to them).

Finish should be down the list; most inexpensive guitars that have a figured maple top have a 1/16th piece of veneer, which is fine. Avoid the photo tops (if the flame/quilt isn't changing in that iridescent way when you tip and tilt it, it's probably a photo top).

ALL Floyd Rose trems these days, with the exception of the Schaller and Gotoh-made versions that show up only on higher-end custom type guitars, are made in Korea, with the cheapest copies made in China. This INCLUDES what was called the Original Floyd Rose that showed up on Gibson and Fenders in recent years. The SPECIAL is Korean and, in Floyd's own marketing, "typical of what used to be called 'licensed Floyd Rose'."

Several years ago I went out looking for a bar guitar that approximates what you seem to be seeking. I didn't want to take the good stuff into local dive bars. I found a 1992 Samick Artist series, cheap. Neck-through three-piece maple neck, baby smooth neck/body transition, with body sides made of elm. Uh...think Swamp Ash. Green (so we've named it Kermit), HSS configuration. 24 frets, a 16" radius fretboard, plastic inlays and the single-coil size pickups were actually stacked humbuckers labeled Duncan Design. I pulled the SS pickups and put real Hot Rails in there but whatever the bridge pickup was, tickled me, so I left it. I coil tapped the Hot Rails with a push-pull (there's already a miniswitch to tap the bridge humbucker). The Floyd is a copy, and I actually bought a brand new gold OFR to drop in when the existing copy dies, but it's going on six or seven years since I bought it, and with regular maintenance, it's still going strong! whoda thunk?

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At that budget, go used and go for the unknown brands. Good old danny should be able to help you in that department. :p

Seems to me just about any HH or HSH solidbody guitar can handle metal, no reason to go with self-described "metal" guitar companies. I wouldn't get an LTD below a 300 line. I'm sure Cort makes some decent guitars, but I don't know anything about them. The reason you see so many Ibanez guitars is Ibanez makes decent guitars for beginner prices and a lot of other companies really don't.

Either way, if you aren't willing to spend at least $500 (or its equivalent, and that's the used price), don't expect to get a good Floyd. A used Ibanez Prestige or RG570 would be my recommendation. Or maybe a vintage MIJ Jackson or Kramer.
t that budget, go used and go for the unknown brands. Good old danny should be able to help you in that department. :p

"Used" is a good idea. The "unknown" brands tend not to have a big presence on he used market, though.

Still, some brands are bigger than others. Designed for shredders, a new Godin Redline HB runs about $500, and is very well made. Used, it would be right in your price range. Hardtail, though.

The Redline 3 has a good trem, but its EMG equipped.


Since the OP is in the Phillipenes, he may have luck tracking down a new or used Swing or Radix guitar. They're Indonesian. They've been getting some good press, and some of their models have pretty good parts on them.

The Hell ZeroDot is $629 new, has a trem, and is HSS...but those pickups are a Naibomb and Irish Tours from Bareknuckle pickups.
The reason you see so many Ibanez guitars is Ibanez makes decent guitars for beginner prices and a lot of other companies really don't.

Very true.
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used ltd 400 series, forget about floyrd rose unless you are spending mid range.
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