Some of the guitar riffs sound repetitive at times, some of the riffs rock really good!! Never was a fan of the machine-gun kick drum (just a personal preference), otherwise the drums sound good to me. I'd like to hear some good vocals on this. Lead guitar is quite good. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks mate. Early on I added a bit more feel to the bass drum but then later I started blending samples and it just sounded better to me in the end to have it like that.

I'd love to get some vocals on it but I don't actually know any at the moment :\

Will check out your song now mate.
Killer riffing! I loved the lead lines at 0:52 and 1:33 in particular. I honestly have nothing bad to say - guitar tone is fantastic, production is spot on (although it could use a touch more bass).

Subscribed on YouTube, great work.

Would appreciate a C4C on the song in my sig, and a like on FB if you enjoy it! cheers man!
Awesome playing and a great song!
Perhaps there could be some more punch to the snare, but everything else sounds great to me!
Thanks you two. Really appreciated!

ibanez1997, I couldn't find your song mate. Do you mind linking me to it so I can have a listen?

1111belphegor, the snare is a weakness of mine. It has to be one of the hardest things to get sounding right in a mix. It's either too punchy and thin or the complete opposite. Finding that balance is very difficult.
I've updated my first post with a link to a higher quality version of the song if anyone is interested!
Sounds ****ing sick, dude. The tone you were able to summon out of that BKP is great. Nice and gainy without getting too metallic sounding. I have a Nailbomb in one of my guitars and I love it to death. The mix is pretty good. It's obvious the drums are sampled but that comes with the territory in metal music these days. Good work!



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the lives to come

Thanks mate. Yea I love the Aftermath. The tones I get from it are unreal!

Will check out your song now mate.
ah this sounds sweet dude, well produced gnarly riffs too - its just begging for some vocals over it. The song actually reminds me alot of Shadows Fall.

Nice lead work aswell. Really impressed by how well put together everything is - what other gear (guitar and recording) did you use?

if you fancy listening to something a tad mellower check out my new track from my album
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