I've messed with amp sims for a while and I'm fed up with them, so I recorded direct-in onto Cubase and re-amped into my 6505+ combo amp. Then I mic'd it with an sm 57 on axis, 5 inches away from the speaker.

In cubase I high passed at 80 hz and low passed at 8 khz. Then I cut out like -12 db at 2.5 khz. The tone sounds okay at mid volume, but turning it up brings up all this hiss. This is the same problem I encounter with amp sims and impulses. Usually when I start making small incisions in the 2.5-4 khz area, it starts to sound dull by the end like I've cut too much. I can't find that middle ground of ballsy clear distorted tone.

Could anyone give me some insight? Is it my micing technique, eq on the amp, or post eq?

Here's a short clip: https://soundcloud.com/haba-ero_nate/guitar-test
I would recommend first trying the mic half way between the centre and the edge of the cone, that'll help cut out those fizzy sounds. Try it there and repost with the same Cubase settings, it'd be great to have a direct comparison