I've been using a Blackstar HT-100 for quite some time. While it's a good amp, I've been wanting to try something different, and I was looking at using separate pre-amps and power-amps. While I am looking at different things, I loved the tone from a Mesa Triaxis/Mesa 2:90 combination.

What I am curious about is the amount of tone the 2:90 contributed to that sound. While I know that most of the tone came from the Triaxis, I found out that the presence control has a huge effect on my tone (I like lots of it). The presence control is part of the power-amp, right?

Before I ramble on too much, which would change my tones the most: hooking the Triaxis to the HT-100's power amp, or hooking the HT-100's pre amp into the Two Ninety? Why?

(I'm mostly interested in the metal/distortion tones, but I also like teh kleenz too.)
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If you're not cranking into power tube breakup area. the preamp will always make way, way more difference. The power amp does make a difference, but IMO the difference is more about feel and response, moreso than straight up in your face tone.
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If the power section has a phase inverter unit, and multiple power tubes, it will sound different than a single-ended design.

You have push-pull class A, push-pull class AB, and single-ended class A.


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The Triaxis is a better preamp than the Ht100's by a larger margin than the 2:90 is better than the HT power amp. That's what you are asking, yes?
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