The part at 4:25. I'm not sure who is the guitar player at this part.
What effects are used for this? I know there's heavy palm muting, but it sounds like there's a lot of something. No way he's changing the tone that drastically with just his hands

Anyone know how he gets that tone at that specific part? I love it.
Hey dude, that's George Lynch! lead guitarist for Dokken in the 80s who then went on to form lynch mob and various other projects, the best recent release was probably 'souls of we'

In terms of tone and playing he is held in high regard among the 80s shred fans, phase 90 set on a minimal level with a good level of reverb, deep chorus and a slight delay will get you very close, I also think he was using a Seymour Duncan distortion pickup here but he now has his own signature pickup called the 'screaming demon' and a range of signature guitars with ESP (as well as his own brand)

hope that helps.
it's switching from george lynch to carlos cavazo during that part, so the reason it sounds totally different is because it's totally different person/guitar/amp (they cut and pasted together all the solos for this)
Thanks for the feedback. I love that sound.
Anyone know any other songs with that specific tone?