So after trying out some Ibanez guitars at my local shop, I decided to go with the RG series...

I play rock (punk, ska-punk, classic, hard, alt, etc...). If I play metal, it's not going to be death metal, or black metal, probably some Iron Maiden...

When I make up songs, I like to have fast solos. That's the reason why I'm considering an RG. I have heard that the pickups aren't great on them, but I've been playing on a ****ing bullet strat for years.

If anyone could maybe give me a mid range Ibanez RG that plays well, I'd appreciate it. I really would like to cap my budget at $500, however I can go a little higher if it's that good.

Thanks a lot!

- I'm not sure as to how good of a mid range guitar I can get with 500, but hey, worth a shot!
Could probably pick up a used 1570, but any RG is great to play. Go in the shop and try em all out.
Used Prestige (RG1570) can be had in that price range. Probably the best you're going to do unless you get a steal somewhere.
I wouldn't even bother with the Prestiges - I'd go further back..you can easily score a used RG 550 or 570 for $500.
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Older rg530/550/570 models can be found for under $500. In the last year, I've bought 2 prestiges (2550e & 2570) for $500 or less. The 2550 had quite a few paint chips on the body edge, but in great playing shape. Also picked up a mint 1570 for $550 last summer.

So it just comes down to how patient (and lucky?) you are.
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Could probably pick up a used 1570, but any RG is great to play. Go in the shop and try em all out.

I've been to both shops, one doesn't even carry Ibanez guitars, and the other has a very limited stock, about 3/4th of theirs are Gio or 7/8strings.

Any thoughts on the 450DX? At most it'd probably be a lower end mid range guitar, but I'm mainly looking for something good for solos. Really, as long as it's not some beginner p.o.s. it'll be good, it's just a mind set for me. I have been trying to find the prestige series, but no one really sells guitars near me, can't find much on craigslist that isn't overpriced to hell :P.
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