I know there is probably a million of these and that there is even one on the front page as well, but I havent found quite what im looking for and just want someone to quickly answer me.

I have a 5150III 50w head, which can be midi controlled. I really want to buy a HD500, and I am planning on just running the stompbox effects on it through the fx loop, without using any amp sims, and then using a midi cable to change the channels on my amp head..

Will this work as easily as im thinking it will?
The hd can't change amp channels. You'll need another piece of gear to make that happen. However, the tc electronic g major 2 plus a foot controller would do what you want.
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Typed it into Google, found this: http://line6.com/support/thread/84102

Gives a link to the EVH 5150III 50watt head users manual, which says you can control channel selection (as well as effects loop bypassing) using an external MIDI device. Page 6, section Q of the manual

EDIT: That link is kind of wonky. I just typed in "5150iii pod hd channel" into Google and it was literally the first result. Anyways, good luck my friend
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That link only really explained about using the HD in the fx loop, but I googled what you googled and got some different results to what I did, which explained everything perfectly. Thanks!