Hi All,

Ever felt frustrated because you spend too much time away from your guitar and cannot get enough practice?

Here's a very cool piece of equipment which you could take with you ANYWHERE and never miss out on practice:[forbidden link]

Happy practicing!

Sales pitch?

There is much better equipment available if you absolutely must practice away. Heck, for the price of those things you may as well just get a cheap used bolt on and take the neck off for travel :P
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Bearing in mind that the shredneck doesn't keep a tune anyway, here's some dirt cheap alternatives for you.

The Super-Ghetto
Glue nails to a plank for frets, then string around nails like a diddly bow.

The Kcenderhs
Buy the cheapest neck you can find, glue on a base nut and a screw in a bar to retain the string balls. Hey presto, homemade full length shredneck.

The Travello Deluxe
Buy a the cheapest bolt-on you can find, unscrew neck for travel.

The Travello Junior
Buy cheapest bolt-on you can find, cut off excess body weight.
The Shredneck is one of the most useless pieces of "equipment" in existence.

Q: How do you actually KNOW if you're doing something correctly on the guitar?

A: Because the right sound comes out of it.

Does the Shredneck make sound? No. Therefore how can you tell if you're practicing correctly on it? It's utterly worthless.
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Yeah, I've got one of these. It was a gift. In theory it's a decent idea but it's tough to get the synchronization going between the right hand and the left. I take it with me when I'm on holiday but I'm sure there are better alternatives.
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I didn't know what this thread was about, so I googled "Shredneck". I laughed. A lot.
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