Hi All,

For those of you who are struggling with recording software, here's a resource which is full of misogyny. Lynda is a dozy cow, who really needs to learn a thing or two about recording... with help from the door she 'walked into'.

Yeah, that's right... you walked into the door, didn't you, honey?

Here is some failed spam:
*Pro Tools - [forbidden link]
*Reaper - [forbidden link]
*Cubase - [forbidden link]
*Logic - [forbidden link]
*FL Studio - [forbidden link]
*Abelton - [forbidden link]
*Reason - [forbidden link]
*Audition - [forbidden link]

Have fun!

Dave (& Lynda, when she regains consciousness)
Hmm I can see that the spam is missing! If you go to Lynda and search under her nightdress, then choose the first Door you are looking for, and you will find the videos... or teach her not to get in the way of your hunt for Door knowledge!