My first Nightwish cover. It's one of my favourite songs by them and i felt like playing something acoustic so here's The Islander

Not too difficult a song. The Em to B5 chord change ****ed my up more than i would have liked but I'm still pretty shitty at acoustic haha. I also wish i had a good singing voice
Let me know what you think though!
If you haven't checked out Nightwish before please do because their stuff is seriously overlooked. Even for a prog metal fanboy like me i still prefer playing this stuff.

If you get the time as well I'd much appreciate it if you check out my btbam selkies cover from earlier this week;


Thanks a lot
You should have made the song's volume lower, your guitar blends with the original guitar line. Now it's like listening to the actual song, not a cover.
I agree with the above about the volume. From watching, it certainly looks like your playing is pretty spot-on, but unfortunately, between the panning and the levels, the only time I can really "hear" your guitar over the original track is during accents, because the CD version had a lot of dynamics smashed out by compression, and you've still got plenty of nice, dynamic playing left in your version. Which is good So again, looks good, what little I can hear of it sounds good, but I'd certainly love to hear more.